Our nursery team desires to love children well by providing a spiritually, emotionally, and physically safe and nurturing place for children to be cared for and introduced to Jesus through joyful service to the Lord and the families in our church.  

The following information should help answer questions you may have regarding childcare.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Childcare & Family Rooms


The nursery is for children ages 3 months to under 4 years old and is available at 9:45 during Sunday school, and at 10:45 during our worship service. The nursery is equipped with a variety of activities. If weather permits, children may be taken to the playground.   

Mother’s Room

Located right inside the west doors, the Mother's Room is a quiet, private room for mothers, with a changing table, rocking chairs and a pack and play. There is also an optional audio feed of the service. Women are welcome to use this room to nurse, feed, rock, and allow babies to rest. 

Fellowship Hall 

The Fellowship Hall serves as an overflow room attached to the main sanctuary.  A video feed of the sermon is provided during the 10:45 service.  Families are welcome to use this room as they teach children to sit quietly through the service.


The Library is a place where parents can take children who are crying, having a hard time being quiet or simply need to move around during the service. It is equipped with an audio stream of the service along with books and a few toys. 

Nursery Overview

Nursery Pick-up/Drop-off

Please be sure to fill out a Family Information Page upon your first visit to the nursery.  The Weekly Sign-In Sheet is to be completed each time your child arrives and leaves the nursery.  Children are to be picked up immediately following the service. 

Sick Children

Because of our concern for the health and well being of all the children, we ask that you do not bring your child to the nursery if they have a heavy cough or a continually runny nose. Children should be fever free for 24 hours before coming to the nursery. 

Diaper Changes/Bathroom Procedures

Please change your child’s diaper or take your child to the bathroom before dropping them off in the nursery. Unless another preference is indicated on the Family Information Page, our workers will change wet and soiled diapers and take children to the bathroom as needed.


Children in the nursery may be offered a box of raisins and water as a snack during the 10:45 service. Please indicate on the Family Information Page if you would like your child to not be given a snack. 

Crying Children

It can be hard to leave your child in the nursery when they are upset. We want you to feel confident and comfortable as you leave your child in our care. Our workers will do their best to comfort your child, however if they are unconsolable, we will contact you.


If we need to contact you during the service we will do so according to the preferred form of contact indicated on the Family Information Page.  If  a timely response is not received, a nursery worker will come find you. 

Evacuation Procedure

In the event that an evacuation is necessary, all children in the nursery will be taken by the nursery workers to the back field behind the church. You may help with this process, or meet your child at the field. Your child must be signed out on the Weekly Sign-In Sheet before you can leave with your child. 


For safety reasons, please keep the hallways clear during the service.